X-Ray Production

This video lesson describes the steps needed for the production of X-ray photons and the role kVp and mA has in X-Ray productionThis video is from our X-Ray Production module.

Anode Heel Effect

This video lesson provides an in-depth description of the anode Heel Effect. Within this video, you will learn the relationship between the anode angle and Heel Effect. This video is included in the X-Ray tube and components module.

Thoracic Spine Positioning

This video is part of the Positioning & Anatomy bootcamp which is included in the RadTechBootCamp 2.0 subscription. In this video, Julie provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform an entire thoracic spine series.

X-Ray Circuit

This video lesson is from the X-Ray Circuit Series. This video provides detailed information on the components of the Primary Circuit and the role the Primary Circuit has on X-Ray Production.

Radiation Measurements

This video lesson provides detailed information on the measurements of radiation within in air, tissue, and biological effects. This video is part of the Radiation Protection module.

Compton Scatter

This video lesson provides a detailed description of Compton Scattering and how the incident X-Ray photon’s interaction with matter produces Compton Scattering. This video is from the X-Ray Interaction With Matter Module.